DDB Shiraz Cabernet 2016


Tasting Notes

Region- Hunter Valley

Bold, full flavoured richness overflowing with savoury notes and fine tannins, this classic blend is perfectly balanced byt he subtlety of wild forest fruits. If this is your first tate, it promised to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Cellar up to ten years.

Food Match - Barbecued smoked and deli meats




6-pack: $31.20 / bottle

Case: $39 / bottle

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Binet Family Wines Custom 12 pack: $31.20

Binet Family Wines Custom 6 pack: $31.20

DDB Mixed White 6 pack: $31.20

DDB Mixed Red 6 pack: $31.20

DDB Mixed 6 pack: $31.20

DDB Custom 6 pack: $31.20

DDB Custom 12 pack: $31.20

Help Yourself 12pk: $31.20

Red Wine 12 pack: $31.20

Help Yourself 6pk: $31.20

Mixed Red + White 12 pack: $31.20

Mixed Red + White 6 pack: $31.20

White Wine 6 pack: $31.20

Red Wine 6 pack: $31.20

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Matching Foods

Barbecued Meats



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